Margaret McCrindle

Margaret McCrindle (nee Smith) 21/12/1928 - 19/06/2015

Margaret my Mother was an amazing woman; she always said that she had a good life. She had much happiness and joy as well as a lot of tragedy and sadness. She was strong and resilient; she was full of life and made the most of her time. She touched us all and made an impact in all our lives. I would like to tell you about her life.

Mum was born in Buckie on the 21st December 1928, the middle child of 7 to David and Margaret Smith. She was a bright precocious child who even then was full of life and mischief. There were times when her mother was coping with new babies that mum would be sent to stay with Aunty molly or Aunty Elsie because she could be a handful.

When Mum was 12 her family moved from Buckie on the North East coast of Scotland to Girvan on the South West coast. Her dad was a fisherman and fishing in the North Sea was hard. There was good fishing in the South West and it was not so harsh.

Mum was a very smart child and did really well at school. She wanted to finish school and take her exams but unfortunately she grew up in a time when girls weren't encouraged to do this. She came home one day and her mother said there was a job going in George Nesbit's the grocer and she should go and get it. She would never have thought to question or argue with her mother so she started working and had to leave school.

Mum was active and busy, she was in the girl's brigade, she played the bagpipes and she played the piano. And of course she went out with her pals. Two of her close friends were Isa Murdoch and Lena McCrindle, this friendship lasted their whole lives.

During this time Mum met Sam McCrindle, Lena's brother. Sam had a reputation as a bit of a ladies' man but he took a shine to Margaret. Sam pursued her and she resisted for quite a while convinced she would get her heart broken. Fortunately Sam saw what a great person she was and he knew what he wanted. He finally won her over and convinced her he was sincere. They were married on 4th April 1951.

They started a family right away with their first son born on 8th March 1952 this was Ebenezer, called Ebey and now known as Eb. They didn't waste any time and David was born on 17th September 1953 and then Colin on 25th November 1954. Dad was a fisherman and was away a lot, it was hard for Mum on her own with 3 small boys. And they were active boisterous boys who were always up to something. After a while they had a long awaited girl, Audrey / me on 18th October 1958. Mum was thrilled to have a girl to dress up and was always making me beautiful dresses.

A few years later Mum and Dad decided they wanted a better life for their children and they emigrated to Australia arriving on 3rd February 1962 settling in Adelaide. This was a big step to leave all their family behind and move across the world to a new country on their own. Mum and Dad worked hard to get their family established with Mum going to work full time in Woolworths in Rundle Street in 1964. She worked there for the next 25 years until she retired. We moved to a new house in Osborne in 1965 and enjoyed a good life.

Mums first grandchild Sean was born to Colin and Gabby in 1973 followed by Zac to Eb and Una in 1974. Her first granddaughter Kirste was born to Colin and Gabby in 1977. Then tragedy struck Dad / Sam was killed in a car accident on 19th November 1977. Mum was shattered, we all were. I don't think she ever entirely got over it and she never stopped loving him. She always told me he was the love of her life.

It was after this that mum really showed what she was made of, she picked herself up and got on with life. She learned to make the most of it as you never knew what was around the corner. What a wonderful role model.

Her grandchildren continued to arrive with Thaddeus born to Eb and Sue in1981. Jessica born to Eb and Therese in 1983 followed by Alison in 1985. Then Kate born to me and Rick in 1987 followed by Tom in 1989. Then last of all Patricia to Eb and Therese in 1995. Mum loved all her grandchildren very much and loved spending time with them. They all adored her, she was a fun Granny, very active and always up for something new.

Mum travelled a lot during these years She went to Scotland many times to spend time with her family there. She travelled to New Zealand, Europe, America, Canada, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Tunisia, Dubai and many times in Majorca with her nephew Richard and his wife Fiona. She also travelled in Australia seeing most of the country and spent a lot of time in Western Australia with her nephew David and Sandra and their family. She certainly made sure she didn't waste her life.

Later she did have other partners, first was Ralph, then Norm with whom she moved to Chinderah in northern New South Wales in 1992, and lastly Keith. Sadly she outlived them all - we did occasionally call her the Black Widow, thankfully she had a great sense of humour.

When mum retired she joined her local lawn bowls club at west lakes. She became a very good bowler and was a part of many winning teams. When she moved to Chinderah she joined Kingscliff Bowling Club and again because of her skill she was a much sought after partner. She even became an umpire. She was very involved with her club, she was on many committees and spent a lot of time there. Her bowls club was a large part of her life. She also enjoyed a flutter on the Pokies and her club in Kingscliff was ideal for this. She had 3 big jackpot wins of over $10,000 with the largest being $20,000. She was always a lucky gambler even back in the early days at Woolworths she regularly won the top prize of $50 on the Bingo cards and had a few decent Lotto prizes though never the big one.

Unfortunately Mum was to again to have great sadness in her life when she lost David to lung cancer on 29th December 2004 and then Colin to a brain aneurysm on 3rd August 2008. No mother should have to see her children die. It was a tough time but once again her strength, resilience and spirit showed and she continued to live her life well. Always showing us how it should be done.

Mum was also fortunate to have 6 great grandchildren. Jessica and Ashley to her granddaughter Kirste and her partner Daniel. Zoe and Crystal to her grandson Thaddeus and his wife Shannon. Darwin and Hazel to her granddaughter Alison and her husband Sean. Unfortunately she won't get to meet number 7 due soon to her granddaughter Jessica and her partner Kane.

Just over a year ago Mum recognised that her health was failing and she couldn't continue to live on her own so she moved back to Adelaide and into Wesley House Hostel. I am glad that I have had this final year with her but it was heartbreaking to see her decline.

She died peacefully on 19th June 2015.

She was always so full of life and high spirits; she was always the life of the party.

She was loved and adored by all her family, here and is Scotland.

She will leave a big gap in our lives, she will be missed. Thank You.